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R&D and Innovation

Innovation is driven by a diverse and multidisciplinary team of experts.
We combine the latest trends and advancements in sustainable packaging and our masterful culinary craft to offer top of the line solutions.

Natural, flavorful, and well-balanced recipes are at the core of what we do.We are a “Clean Label” partner, striving to limit the list of ingredients in our products.

Our ranges

Seafood Raw Cooked Cooked
Sauces Plant-based Cooked grains Organic Mashed, purées Single serve

Our "made in France" brands

A selection of raw frozen seafood selected with the utmost care and adapted for theeveryday individual.
To cook for any occasion, we include culinary inspiration from our chefs to help the consumer in the kitchen.
To maintainourresponsible fishingpractices, “La Table des Pêcheurs” offersa selection of MSC and ASC certified seafood varieties.

A collection of styles great for all of life’s moments.
Individual or shareable ready-made meals.
Choose from a variety of recipes: everyday recipes, ethnic-inspired, restaurant-style, and vegetarian dishes.Easy options ready-to-eat meals in few minutes.

Chef Lulu is a selection of frozen organic ready-made meals with 6 different recipes to choose from, including single serve, cooked vegetables, cooked grains, and vegetarian dishes.

Rich in flavor, recipes are made from 100% organic ingredients selected for their nutritional qualities and superior taste. All recipes are “ Clean Label” with no coloring, no additives, or no preservatives ingredients.

Frial Natural Cuisine, a line of products dedicated for the American market. Individual or shareable frozen ready meals.
Natural, everyday, and vegetarian recipes.
Easy options ready-to-eat meals in few minutes.

Recipes specially crafted for the restaurant and “food court”! Available in both French and international markets.
Simply seasoned vegetable and grain and designed to be personalize and to mix and match.
Convenients products and specially meant to be kept warm in Gastronorm dish.