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Frial, 100% Made-to-Order recipes!

Always on the look out for the latest culinary trends, our chefs are partners you can count on to create recipes to perfectly reflect your brand.

With our passion for quality foods, at Frial we create over 150 new products each year, expanding our portfolio of more than 500 recipes. With our catalogue of over 1000 unique raw ingredients, we work with you to create culinary delights all in perfect harmony with your needs.
Our broad range of prepared frozen meals is adapted to suit all meal occasions:

  • From appetizers and desserts, to seafood and meat dishes, not to mention our pasta and grain selections, and delectable vegetable side dishes.
  • From traditional mainstream dishes to lighter menus
  • From traditional French cuisine to exotic dishes
  • From everyday meals to more festive special occasions
  • Available to grocery store retailers or restaurants and foodservice

For catering professionals we provide culinary solutions ranging from semi-finished products to further customize to your liking, to finished meal dishes.
Our Production facilities enable us to offer you a wide variety of packaging formats: bowls, cardboard or plastic trays, lunch boxes or steamable sachets.

Frial, the unique state-of-the-art specialist in making sauces! Give our creativity a try! Contact our Sales team now.