Frial Quality, going well beyond standards!

From our raw materials to our finished products, we can guarantee you optimum food safety and impeccable quality.

Our quality commitment:

  • Production facilities certified to IFS Version 6 standards, BRC Grade A, ISO 50001
  • Raw material supply based on sustainable and responsible practices with the possibility of certified ingredients
  • Seafood possibly MSC/ASC certified
  • An organic quality approach and certified organic products
  • French Bovine Meat (VBF) and French Pork Meat (VPF) label guarantees for our ready-made meal dishes

Our daily tasks:

  • Supplier appraisals
  • Regular audits of raw materials
  • Traceability management control
  • Control Plans updated to reflect health monitoring, test results and risk analysis
  • Control of bacteriological, chemical and physical hazards according to HACCP principles