Frial, an era of industrial development

For over 30 years Frial has continued in innovation and investment to strengthen its position as market leader.

Frial began as a seafood wholesaler back in 1980 when the company was founded. In 1995 the company branched into the production of ready-made meals. Some of our innovation highlights we are proud of:

  • 1994: Launch of the first microwaveable carton tray
  • 1996: Frial is the first manufacturer to offer and enrobing technique for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) ready-made meals
  • 2002: Launch of steamable bags and trays
  • 2006: Launch of 100% natural sauces
  • 2008: Setting up of our fully independent Research & Development center
  • 2009: New production concept of making sauces in pellets
  • 2014: Introduction of in-house cooking of vegetables and starches
  • 2015 : A new plant in Falaise

Conscious of employee working conditions and the respect for the environment, Frial continues to invest in modernizing its production facilities:

  • In 2003, Frial helped launch the first station for composting organic waste and sludge from wastewater
  • By early 2014, a portion of the waste is treated by anaerobic digestion
  • Today 84% of waste is source-separated and recycled