Frial, Your culinary solution facilitator

All of Frial know-how serving consumeres worldwid. A wide range of frozen ready-made meals, tasty and easy to prepare.

Fast, convenient and delicious! Healthy and tasty meals. In the oven, in the skillet, steamed or microwave cooked. To enjoy with family or alone. Around the dinner table or on the go. In the office or at home.

Custom made recipes:

  • Made with the consumer in mind
  • Concocted and exclusive for our customers
  • Created by our chefs in our R&D labs
  • Developed with our cooks in our production facilities

A wide range of frozen processed products:

  • Ready-made meals in trays or sachet bags
  • Unlimited IQF portion mixes
  • A wide range of sauces

Discover the extent of talent of our teams through the recipes contained in our database. We currently have more than 500 recipes included in our database. 

At Frial we source and trade frozen seafood products. Guaranteeing the best of what the sea offers just as much to our end consumers as to our restaurant and B2B food manufacturer clients.