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Sauces in French cuisine date back to medieval times. Sauces were and still are a major defining characteristic of French cuisine.

Wine sauce
The Master of the royal hunt sauce. Reduction of red wine, port, shallots and redcurrant mixed with fresh creme. This delicate sauce will enhance the flavors of your meats or poultries.

Bearnaise sauce
The Bearnaise sauce first appeared in 1830 in a place called Le pavillon Henri IV, close to Paris. It is where Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, was born.

It is an emulsion of butter and egg yolk with the distinct flavoring of tarragon, shallots, and chervil. Sauce Béarnaise in French, Bearnaise sauce is best served with meat, poultry, or vegetables.

Peppercorn sauce
This best seller sauce will bring flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to your red meats.

Roquefort sauce
Roquefort is a traditional blue cheese from the south of France, and probably one of the most famous of all French cheeses. The overall flavor sensation begins slightly mild, then waxing sweet, then smoky, and fading to a salty finish
Serve it on your favorite meat, pastas or vegetables.
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