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Unique recipes
Sea Food
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Sea food based meals

Salmon crumble with leeks
Inspired by the recipes of sweet crumbles, our chefs have developed unique salty concepts: Crumbled up salmon fillets with natural leeks and fennel, topped with a crispy basil crumb, bring elegance and refinement to this dish.

Traditional family dish for the holiday season, the Navarin mixes the best fillets of Salmon from the Atlantic Ocean and Hake from Alaska, scallops and natural vegetables in a very light creamy sauce.

Shrimp enrobed with olive oil, garlic and parsley
These shrimp make the perfect start to any entrée recipe. Slightly flavored with olive oil, garlic and parsley, they are great for appetizer, or with fresh pastas and basil. A best seller. Whatever flavors your customers like, our chefs will work with you to elaborate unique and refined sauces.

Cod back and Alaska Pollock with vegetable julienne and Basmati rice
Tender fish fillets with vegetable julienne and wild rice enrobed with a delicate and light butter and lemon sauce. Cooked in steam-bag, this recipe will bring you health and balance in addition to taste and pleasure.
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