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From cocktail parties to family dinners, our subtle recipes will always make your customers shine

Scallops with a light butter, garlic and parsley sauce. Enrobed with a slight layer of fresh parsley, garlic and butter, these Argentinean scallops will surprise you with their subtle flavor profile, tenderness and freshness. Other flavors are also available.

Couscous salad
Prepared with couscous hydrated with water and olive oil, this salad brings all the freshness of natural tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, grapes, mint and parsley. Your customers will see the couscous as an innovative salad for a buffet or a picnic, with interesting textures and southwest flavors. Traditional French recipe usually eaten as appetizer or full meal during summer. Perfect complete meal for vegetarian

Bouillabaisse soup
Traditional fish soup that captures the ambiance of France’s Provence region. Natural, light and easy soup, slowly cooked with a mix of hake and cod, garlic, coriander, basil, bay leaf, fennel, saffron, curcuma, thyme and a drop of white wine and olive oil.

Souffle with Emmental cheese
A newly created and enhanced version of an absolute classic in French cuisine. A subtle mixture of eggs, fresh cream, Emmental cheese, salt and pepper. Impressive to serve, delicious to eat.
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