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We supply according to your needs…

Whatever your supply chain requirements are, we will do our best to match your needs and to help you optimize your costs.

In particular, we have the flexibility to offer you the case unit of your choice, while taking into account your pallet size constraints (height, layout, weight). We also have developed strong relationships with supply chain partners to fully meet your needs:

  • you can directly pick up fully loaded containers from our warehouse “under-custom”
  • we can ship fully loaded containers to your distribution centres all over the US
  • we can consolidate an inventory in North America and deliver your DCs on a weekly basis
.. And in the format that matches your customers’ needs

We offer our customers a personalize service. Each client is unique and we want to respond to every need and expectation that you have.

We can create and produce recipes, use new ingredients to suit your waiting and expectations. Each dish recipe has a personal touch to satisfy your customers.

Your food suggestions can be packed in different format. We offer and provide a large diversity of formats to matches your needs.

We can personalize your packaging to offer satisfaction and happiness to your customers.

Choose the format that you want!

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