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IFS certification

The International Food Standard stipulates a series of requirements according to the following elements :

  • Management of the System of Quality (including HACCP),
  • Responsibility for Management,
  • Realization of the product,
  • Measurements, analyses and improvement.

Our latest audit gave us superior rating

HACCP approach

Finalisation of the HACCP approach

Frial finalises the HACCP approach (Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Point) with a certification validated by an internationally recognised.
  • Risk analysis (bacteriological, chemical and physical risks).
  • Control of the critical points relating to the work procedures and instructions.
  • A continuous mandatory and technological intelligence regarding actual issues such as Genetically Modified Organisms, allergens, BSE, dioxin, etc.
  • Assessment of suppliers of raw materials and follow-up of corrective actions.


Food safety and Traceability

Control of raw inredients and microbiological analysis
  • Sampling of every raw ingredient delivery (fresh, dry or frozen) and of every product packaged at “source”. Analysis following a control plan adapted to each product.
  • Strict procedures to identify each ingredient in each production batch
Control of finished products
  • Random sample collection at the start, middle and end of production.
  • Analysis followed by a control plan adapted to each product according to the customer’ specification sheet.
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