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Finding the inspiration and developing tomorrow’s concepts

Over the past 5 years, we launched more than 150 new products a year with our clients. This constant innovation is the result of our Research and Development Department, key element of our ready-cooked meal activity.

Our chefs are involved all along the value chain of the creation of a product:

  • They work closely to our clients to understand and to anticipate their needs
  • They travel the world to find new products, new flavours and new ideas
  • They constantly work on developing new concepts and on improving the nutritional and organoleptic quality
  • They develop the necessary reductions and scents which will serve as basis of sauce or as culinary base.
  • They work extremely closely to the production team to assure industrial feasibility of the recipes.

Frial primarily works with natural ingredients and spices.

In the long run, the quality of the final product and the unique flavour profile are the only warranty of consumer’ satisfaction.

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