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“Tasting a dish should be memorable … If nothing remains in the memory of our customers, then we have made a mistake.”
J.M. Piranda, Managing Director, Frial SAS

Frial is the result of a group of passionate individuals focused on:

  • finding the best ingredients around the world
  • anticipating trends in food
  • developing innovative recipes
  • offering solutions and customized services to retailers and food service.

Founded in 1980, FRIAL SA was initially a seafood import-export company. In 1995, FRIAL expanded its scope to manufacturing ready-meals. It quickly became a leading player in France and Europe with more than 30 clients and 500+ active products (30,000+ Tons manufactured in 2006).

Our growth is the result of:
  • an aggressive investment policy: about $100m were invested in our industrial capabilities over the past five years.
  • a focus on innovation: we launch more than 150 new products a year
  • strong partnerships: our clients value our insight, initiative and integrity
  • the highest quality standards for everything ranging from the raw ingredients to the end products
  • a socially responsible attitude
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